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Ahh, Times changes for 2018

Ron Holdraker



We take this time of year to bring in new changes.

Beginning this week we are moving to a four (4) section format, from the old 6 sections. Same number of pages, but this allows us to consolidate our thoughts and writings. In general, this makes things easier for us and hopefully you..

The first section of the paper (Section A) will now have a more ‘Local’ tinge. In addition the ‘Health’ page. ‘History’, ‘Meetings’, ‘Obituaries’ and ‘One on One’ will be in the front pages.

The B section will begin with ‘Sports’ and end with ‘State’ news.

Section C will encompass Law & Order. Not only will you get your weekly fix on arrests, court and law information, but legal postings and judgment information will be found here. The section ends with the Science page. Why? Cause it would not fit anywhere else for now.

Finally, Section D ‘Community and Entertainment’ that includes  ‘Events’, ‘Hollywood’, ‘Comics’, ‘Games’, ‘Senior news’, ‘Opinions’ and ‘Pets’.

Several page headings, have been renamed and redesigned to give them a fresh look for 2018.

Our web presence is growing. A new feature to be added shortly will be daily news breaks and teasers for the print edition.

Just a reminder, a free one year subscription is available to all Wayne County residents who are serving on active duty in the military. Just call (315) 986-4300.

In this era of dwindling newspaper circulation, the Times has bucked the trend and actually added a few more this year. Yeah, I know, this sounds old, but we still need writers for various functions and features. Call Wife Patti at (315) 986-4300.


Now for the rest of the story…

NY Governor Cuomo has announced plans to present legislation to eliminate cash bails for most crimes. Exceptions would be violent felonies and rapes, BUT  only after reviewing a defendant’s finances.

Seems the potential 2020 Democrat wannabee presidential candidate is hoping to build a name for himself in areas like Chicago and California as a progressive liberal.

Meanwhile he ramped up NYers with the idea that if they paid their property taxes a year early they could still deduct them on next year’s taxes, thus thwarting that mean Federal elimination of claiming those state property taxes on your 2018 tax filings.

People panicked and lines formed at area town clerk’s offices. Truth be told, few will benefit from paying in advance. NY State, with one of the highest tax rates in the country, is trying to blame the feds for screwing taxpayers by eliminating the property tax deduction. Actually, only a few, high tax states even allowed the deduction in the first place. This was one of those cases where the state is trying to shove the blame onto the feds for high state taxes.

Then, Gov. Andy made stupid proclamations that local municipalities should find more ways of saving money on local taxes, thus lowering the overall tax burden on very high NY taxes. I got an idea Gov. Andy, why not look at the state level and quit trying to pass mandate costs down to the local levels.

The Gov. paints himself as a progressive man/candidate for the future. With downstate liberals crawling up his ass, he may just pull it off for the 2020 presidential run. I find more people willing to believe far right and far left gobbledygook that ever before.


What a shock!

The Ontario Town Democrats put Joe Molino as their choice for Town Supervisor. Much to everybody’s chagrin, he actually won. Myself and county officials noted that Joe was not in good health and mentally down since the death of his sister last month. No one expected Joe to stay in office for very long, but he surpassed all bets and quit after only three days on the job (See story on page 1). Now comes the daunting task of trying to find a new supervisor within a few days. What a mess they brew when personalities clash.


Due to the recent weather, many meetings, sports etc., were cancelled. I imagine, that even with our regular print schedule, mail may be delayed.


Good Luck …to my friend, Sean Carroll, at our news partner 13WHAM. Beginning February 1st, Sean and family will be settled in Syracuse, where he will assume the news director job for the Sinclair Broadcasting Group. This includes the NBC, CBS and CW stations in Syracuse.


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