Shopping for ME, or any other guy in his later 60s

The dreaded Christmas Day is approaching. It is that jolly time of year when presents are exchanged and goodwill towards all men/women… blah, blah, blah.

I love getting presents for my boys and they usually love getting cash. The system at work!

Instead Xmas Day is a time for younger generations. Both sons have very good-paying jobs and are quickly approaching that time in life when xmas presents are moot (for them).

I really do love watching the grandchildren, eyes a’ beaming, ripping off Xmas paper faster than a speeding bullet. They quickly look at the item and visually move back to the pile, usually ignoring parents pleas to say “Thank You. “Honestly, things have not changed in centuries.

Of course, grandfathers usually buy children’s toys with their own personal idea of what a child really wants. We buy presents we want, not necessarily what they desire. That explained the telescope I bought for Son Devin, in his teen years. He never lets me forget that totally unwanted gift.

Books and clothes are quickly shoved aside, with stares glued to the next package they believe will be the winner. Don’t bother with cards attached to presents, kids could care less.

I also noted that giving a child, under the age of ten, money is like spitting into the wind. Real presents, toys, are the only currency that matters.

Now, buying for grandpa. I have reached the age where if I want something, I buy it. A comfortable shirt…I bought it…that electronic doohickey, yeah, I got that last month, the tool to drool over, yeah, it is already sitting in the garage. Both Wife Patti and myself long ago agreed not to exchange presents, since we probably already own whatever. There are no longer surprises in life as far as gifts go that a hug and ‘I love you” will not replace.

The final gift in the downward slide to no surprise is the GIFT CARD. There too, a present that kind of forces one to actuallygo somewhere and do something, is not all that appealing. “Oh, dearest, look, theygave me a gift card to that restaurant, that

store in the middle of the mall, that unique shop where everything is overpriced and basically you get something that will take up space.

To anyone who really knows me and knows I do the household chores, the only thing that would be an eye opener for me is a new, improved vacuum/ floor cleaning device. No, wait, I already bought that last week.

My answer to the xmas dilemma? Quietly, during the year, we put money into special bank accounts in each of the grandchildren’s name. By the time they actually need it and begin the real journey to adulthood, they will have a nest egg to begin.

No, that does not mean we will not buy them that special, once-in-a-lifetime toy of the year, but today’s smiles and glee will keep us going until the day arrives many years later, when they will be really appreciative of the giving season.

***** Oh, by the way, it is THAT time of year again. Our annual “Babies in Review” will be in the December 24th edition of the Times.

We ask that anyone – mother, father, uncle, aunt, grandparents, send us a picture of their child, grand baby, whatever, born in 2017 to someone with a Wayne County connection. Include their baby picture and the following info: Baby’s name, date of birth, parents name and siblings names and the town where they live, and grandparents and the towns where they live. As long as there is a Wayne County connection, it will appear in this special section. You can send them via snail mail to Times, P.O. Box 608, Macedon NY 14502. If you want the picture back send a self addressed stamped envelope. Do not forget your phone numberin case we need more information. We prefer you send the picture and information via e-mail to news@waynetimes. com. Unlike some competitors, we provide this free-of-charge.