Why, you ask?

Every time there is a mass shooting, vehicle rundown of pedestrians,  workplace violence, or bombing, we Americans always ask the question…Why?

It is never a question of why in Middle Eastern countries. They are swarmed with political and religious upheaval. I mean, an afterlife with 76 virgins for a guy nobody would associate with in real life promotes him to the pedestal.

The American media pundits line up giving us the same old gobbledygook of mental illness, gun rights, etc. This is especially true if the perpetrator does not have a religious, political, or other clear cause.

You see, we have to have a justification for violence. It just doesn’t happen all of a sudden. Our minds must arrive at a motive for some guy walking into a church, movie theater, shopping mall, or workplace and taking as many lives as possible in the shortest time possible.

Now, for some facts. A recent study noted that fewer than 18% of mass killers were deemed mentally ill. Most are men, white, without gun permits and have some sort of violence in the background.

Perhaps the white, American male with no gun permit feels alienated in some fashion. He is wrapped in some form of guilt for not being able to love, or be loved. He has a history of failed relationships, is deemed a loser with no foreseeable path to redemption. His public persona follows his own internal uselessness.

Then, there is the feeling of euphoria at taking lives, even those of women and children that he has no connection with, no responsibility for.

He has made a statement, if only in his own mind, that his life matters, even by taking the lives of others. More  likely he knows his act will end his own pitiful life.

Of course, everyone will know his name after it flashed across the screens, every media outlet researches his life history. He will be important for a few fleeting moments. He imagines the press coverage, the media pundits explaining his reasoning.

No god, or real cause can explain his actions. He is a self deprecating human being making a splash in the pond of a sorry life.

So, we continue to promote and change gun laws and perhaps blame truck rental companies and car makers, knife makers etc., to stop the madness. Yeah, that really won’t work.

The mass killer of today does not really need a strong motive to kill.  There are not enough media pundits in the world, to put into simple language,why this happens and happens and happens.

Perhaps we will get to the point where the mass killer simply tires of the headlines, it becomes too common to matter, he is just another of the many  news-of-the day-blurbs.

No, we cannot ignore the mass killers, but perhaps vigilance, some type of understanding and a few hugs will delay the violence. Perhaps the social media sites will become more people-friendly and less abrasive.

Then again, perhaps we should just learn to duck and cover.