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Here’s to the Lyons Lions Class of 2020

by WayneTimes.com
May 30, 2020

A tribute - written by Linda Guest, Lyons Town Historian

History is defined as: the branch of knowledge dealing with past events or acts, ideas, or events that will or can shape the course of the future; immediate but significant happenings.

But some may say it is the record of past events and times, especially in connection with the human race.

However you want to explain history, it’s all around us today. COVID-19 has gripped us hard and we have had to change our everyday routines to adjust to the challenges we face everyday.

Changing our habits, the way we entertain ourselves and the way we look at society. None of us know what the future will bring but for 46 Lyons seniors, they have been affected in ways some of us will never understand. Is this a tragedy, by most definitions no, disappointing to these kids, absolutely.

I wasn’t a graduate of Lyons, I grew up in Newark and was a 1990 graduate of Newark Senior High School. My classmates were in the process of planning our 30th year class reunion for this summer. Unfortunately like many events, It too has since been cancelled due to the pandemic. Am I disappointed or hurt? No, life will go on. Just like life will continue on for all the graduating seniors of 2020. The difference will be that my class was able to go on our senior trip. Even if it wasn’t to the sunshine state. We escaped our parents for a week and had the time of our lives. My classmates also enjoyed a final season of sporting events, a final band concert, senior prom and graduation ceremony. We enjoyed a yearbook full of photos, signatures and memories that we continue to look back at. Most important, we were able to socialize with our classmates and give hugs on the final day of classes. We celebrated our achievements and we were able to laugh and cry together as we parted ways.

Today, as the seniors of Lyons prepare for graduation it will be unknown if they will gather at Earl Buchanan Auditorium or on the football field. Will the seniors enjoy a ceremony with their classmates or a privately held one? Masks will be worn and most likely there will be a limit on the number of guests that will be invited to attend. The seniors, along with school officials, are planning the safest way to maintain social distance. It is rewarding to know that the school is listening to the graduates and taking their suggestions into account. We hope that the crowd restriction will be lifted so that they can enjoy the moment with their friends as they walk across the stage. As a town, we pray that when the Lyons graduates of 2020 take off their caps, toss them in the air, that there will be 46 hitting the ground in unison.

The graduating class of 2020 has already made the history books. Jokes about the best senior prank ever, longest senior skip day or the sign that hangs in their yard alerting the passersby that a senior lives there will be the memories they take with them. In Lyons the salatorian & valedictorian proudly received rides in fire trucks around town to celebrate their accomplishments. How can we make this up to them? We can’t. However, life will go on, hopefully each senior will begin their future with their head held high and create new memories as they begin the next chapter of their lives. They can have the knowledge of knowing that their community stood behind them, supported them and cheered them on as they graduated during these troubling times.

As a special gift, I’ve reached out to Lyons High School Alumni to offer their words of wisdom or kind thoughts to our seniors.

I was overjoyed in the response of past graduates wanting to let the Lyons graduates of 2020 know they were proud of them! So, 2020 Lyons Graduates… Here are years of Lyons graduates coming together to applaud YOU… and as Chrissy Lynn Niles Elliott -Class of 1983 said…. “Lions Lyons, let them hear you roar!”


2019 - Caylin Guest “No doubt these events will shape you, just don’t let them control you!”

2018 - Zoe Swann “Congratulations just keep swimming”

2017 - Shannon Sergent “It’s ok to be disappointed, but your moving on to bigger & better things”

2016 - Andrew Cook “Don’t let yesterday take up too much of today”

2015 - Maddison Shuler “You’re in control, you have the power to choose what path you want to take.”

2014 - Damien Scott “Sometimes you’ll never know the value of a moment, until it becomes a memory”

2013 - Alexis Smith Orlopp “You are on the road to the rest of your lives. Embrace it” 2012 - Johnny Hill “Remember to be true to yourself & listen closely to your heart. Congratulations!”

2011 - Brittney Simpelaar “Keep on pushin forward even though it might be frustrating”

2010 - Ariel Palone “Think positive. Each day should be a step closer to fulfilling your dreams”

2009 - Anne Scott “Congratulations, you did it! Reach for the stars and shine bright!”

2008 - Yearbook “It was together that we took this journey”

2007 - Bridget Crandon “Work hard, have faith & always keep your friends & family close!”

2006 - Danielle Tandle “Don’t be discouraged when faced with adversity, use it to strengthen your character”

2005 - Jonathan Eckert “The best years are yet to come, Best of luck & Stay Strong Class of 20”

2004 - Yearbook “ Seniors get ready to venture out into the world that is waiting, best of luck to everyone”

2003 - Courtney Maestre “Life’s a journey not a destination. Follow your heart & embrace every moment”

2002 - From the writer… “This yearbook reflects on worldwide events. The year many of you were born, (if not in 2001), these graduates remember how September 11th, 2001 changed their lives forever. This class hoped that their memories of their graduating year would hopefully be able to change their lives to better represent the world community, rather than just an image of themselves. They knew that those events had changed people throughout the world and that life as they knew it was changed forever. Now, in 2020, you face an even greater challenge… Best of luck to you all…” Linda M. Guest - Lyons Town Historian

2001 - Erica Gansz “No matter the circumstance, everything in life is character building”

2000 - Laura Wigfield “Always go forward one step at a time, enjoy life to the fullness”

1999 - TaNisha Hill Barrigar

“Laugh Often, Dream Big and Reach for the Stars…”

1998 - Diane Heald Bullock “Keep working hard, Don’t give up! Congratulations”

1997 - Betty Bornheimer “We wish you lots of luck as you go on to the next step of your life”

1996 - Dani Teeple “Your achievements haven’t gone unnoticed, you’re amazing in your own ways” 1995- Sarah Dahms Chastain “Take pride in how far you’ve come, & have faith in how far you’ll go” 1994- Charles DeHaven “Set goals & go for it. Don’t wait for it because it’ll be too late.” 1993- Joe Conaway “Never stop trying, Never stop believing… Never give up!” 1992- Cesar Ortiz “Take the negative energy & create positive energy to fuel you towards your goals” 1991- Hector Dessis “Keep your small town roots, explore the world… Keep the friendships… Congrats” 1990- Matthew Owen “Congratulations on the major milestone in your life! We’re all proud of you” 1989- Alayna Bennett Shipley “ You have people on the sidelines cheering for you. Stay Strong” 1988- Shanon Brendlinger “The career you choose today may not be the one you end up with & that’s ok”

1987 - Deanna Miller “Never forget your high

school years because the next chapter goes even faster”

1986 - Deana Tuck “ Welcome to the real world! Now your life begins”

1985 - Heather Raes “ Growing up in a small town is a blessing that you will always cherish”

1984 - Stacey E. Williams “Always Be Kind”

1983- Mo Nolan “Life can be unfair, those who prevail are the people that can hit anything thrown at them”

1982 - Joan Mollet “Follow your dreams”

1981 - Michele DiSanto Burgess

“You’ve probably faced 1 of many challenges, learn from it and move on” 1980- Jane Westfall “Keep believing in yourselves & your dreams”

1979 - Dave Rockefeller “Good Luck Graduating Class of 2020!”

1978 - Larry Ann Evans “You can do anything, no limits. Only those you self impose. Reach for the stars”

1977 - Dawn Denner “Pursue, commit, DO IT… Make something of your life. Pursue your dreams”

1976 - Christine Mierke “You’ve made it to the next stage of your life. Good Luck in your future endeavors!

1975 - Beverly East “Do what your heart tells you”

1974 - John Murtari “Right now your jet is full of fuel, the sky is blue & full of opportunities. Joy & Happiness”

1973 - Out of the Yearbook ‘ To everything there is a season & a time for every purpose under the sun”

1972 - Dorothy DeRycke Barnes

“You’ve set your goals, go forward and grab them”

1971- Jeanette & Larry Lake “Instead of moaning about it, be proactive & it may end up being better!”

1970 - Cathy Van Norman Kallassy

“Congratulations, Enjoy the


1969 - Betty Fedor Ludke “Hard to believe that the class of 69 is turning 69 this year. Best Wishes 2020”

1968 - Susan Keifer Bechler

“Nothing has to be forever. You can change your mind & start again”

1967- Dave DeWolf “Don’t have a planned career path, join the military & see the world”,.

1966 - Barbara Elliott “Always have a plan B (career path), What is today, may be obsolete tomorrow”

1965- Lou Cinelli “I missed out too, because of health issues, but you will prevail” Congratulation 2020

1964 - Andrea Evangelist “Make your graduation special to you in this historical year. There are no limits”

1963 - Patti Alena “Your BEST INVESTMENT is in YOURSELF… Lyons Graduate!”

1962 - Jim Boeheim “I still remember my time at LHS as some of the best of my life, My classmates, The fans and coaches were just great! We made memories for a lifetime!!!

1961 - Richard (Ernie) Evangelist

“Good luck in your future, enjoy yourselves. Stay safe & wear your masks”

1960 - Out of the Yearbook “We are inspired with the great opportunities that lie ahead”

1959 - Ann Baker Dickerson

“Wishing you success & happiness in the future! Congratulations!”

1958 - Out of the Yearbook “The outlook for the future is even brighter”

1957- Carol Bailey “Live each day to the fullest benefit. Each day is only given once”

1956 - Mary Jane Trombino Carey “Never experienced anything like this, However.. Reach for the stars”

1955 - Fact “The last class to graduate from the William Street School”

1954 - Out of the Yearbook “The youth of a nation are the trustees of posterity”

1953 - Fact “Enter with us, we’ve blazed a trail and now proudly present the “FIRST” Lyons Tale…”

1952 - Mary Ann Trombino Bartley “Congratulation to the class of


1938 - Bernice Rice “Best of Luck to the graduates of 2020, May you have a wonderfully long, happy & exciting life!”

On behalf of the Lyons graduates before you, the community of Lyons and your Lyons Town Historian, Congratulations Lyons Senior Class of 2020! Go forward, create new memories and have the time of your life. Don’t let the COVID-19 slow you down, make history the way you want to and as told by Dr. Suess...

“ Kid, you’ll move mountains! Today is YOUR DAY! Your mountain is waiting... so get ON YOUR WAY!”

Making History, the Hard Way is dedicated to the Lyons Lions Class of 2020…

Jacob Beachard, Cassidy Bennett, Mara Briggs, Cole Buisch, Zachary Byrne, Paige Case, Mary Celestin, Caiden Crego, Seth DeJesus, Hailey Disanto, Zoe Frey, Kyle Murphy, Alexis O’Neil, Sabrina Frymire, Francisco Garcia, Alyssa Gibbs, Jaxon Gittens, Mariah Goodman, Ethan Gould, James Gravino, Christopher Greening, Aaron Harper, Jordan Hornbeck, Benjamin Kemp, Bridget Knapp, Elizabeth Krause, Michael LaVancha II, Hailey Maines, Daisy Martinez, Jared Martz, Madason Mason, Megan Mittak, Christal Moody, Colby Moore, Kyla Paige, Jaegar Paliotti, Sadie Parker, Dawson Peeso, Morgan Righardson, Margaret Shove, Derrick Tandle, Rashawda Tarver, Caitlyn Walker, Dorian Weeks, Dylan Weiland and Leon Williams.

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