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Literacy Volunteers of Wayne County celebrates 40 years at reception



Friday, November 22nd was Literacy Volunteers of Wayne County’s 40th Anniversary celebration. The event was to commemorate 40 years of working to promote literacy in Wayne County through a variety of programs that provide opportunities for adults to learn, encourage reading in the community, and to help children succeed in school. The reception was held in the Palmyra Library Ballroom, and included several engaging speakers.

Kirk Baker, former Director of Literacy Volunteers, spoke on the importance of the organization and society’s evolving need for literacy education. Mr. Baker used anecdotal experiences to colorfully highlight how essential literacy education is for Wayne County.

Also sharing their appreciation was Scott B, student from North Rose, read a heartfelt thank you letter. For several years volunteers in the Our Community Reads program worked in Scott’s school and provided literacy enrichment. Scott thanked Mr. Poole, the program creator, for the positive impact the program has had on his life.

Political representatives, Senator Pamela Helming and Assemblyman Brian Manktelow, issued a New York State Assembly Citation to director Christopher Edgar commending Literacy Volunteers of Wayne County on their “…substantial impact on the quality of life of citizen and communities…” and how the organization “…envisions and works toward achieving communities where every adult… has access to a full integrated education system…”

The evening’s commemorating event truly highlighted the successes and long standing history of Literacy Volunteers of Wayne County as they work tirelessly to support and improve Wayne County.

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