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Meet the Candidates: Who's Running and Why?

by WayneTimes.com
October 28, 2012

We reached out to all of the local candidates and asked them to write a letter explaining who they are and why they are running for office. The Candidates below are running in contested races. On your ballot, but running unopposed are:

  • NY State Senator Michael Nozzolio
  • State Assemblyman Robert Oaks
  • Wayne County Coroner David T. Hannan
  • Village of Clyde Mayor Jerry Fremouw
  • Huron Justice Gary Cantaben
  • Lyons Councilman Philip Desain
  • Sodus Town Justice Robert Fratangelo
  • Sodus Village Trustees John Hopkins and David Englert.

Voters in the Village of Lyons will vote on Proposal Number 1:
“Shall the Village be dissolved?”

Voters in Arcadia will vote on Proposal Number 1: “Shall local law abolishing the elective office of receiver of Taxes and assessment, be approved?”

United States Senate (NY) VOTE ONE

Kristen E. Gillibrand (Democrat/Working Families)

I know middle class families are struggling right now. I’ve traveled all across our state, hearing firsthand myself from small business owners, community leaders, and everyday families. I know how hard this tough economy feels.

But I also know that New York has everything it takes to lead our recovery – with tools in high-tech, biotech and clean energy manufacturing, and world-class colleges and universities that are sparking new innovation that we can turn into new industries and new jobs. I have spent time in the Finger Lakes, and right here in Wayne County, meeting with community leaders, local businesses, and families.

At an orchard in Wolcott, I heard directly from farmers about improving federal farm programs and expanding markets for their products to schools, colleges and large metropolitan areas. I sat down in Lyons and met with local leaders to discuss the Erie Canal National Heritage Corridor and economic development in the region. There are so many reasons this region is a great place to live, work and raise a family.

From the factory floors of our manufacturers, to the fields of our farms, we have what it takes for a growing economy and thriving middle class. When we harness the full potential of all we have in New York, invest in training and education, and stop rewarding companies that ship our jobs overseas, we can rebuild our economy, strengthen the middle class, and see “Made In America” again.
But fixing our economy starts by cleaning up the way Washington works. That’s why I’ve tried to lead by example by taking on my own party to end automatic pay raises for members of Congress, and became the first member to publish my Senate meetings, funding requests, and tax returns for each year that I’ve served in office right on my own website.

And even when it wasn’t popular, I passed the law that for the first time bans members of Congress from insider trading – so they play by the same rules as everyone else.

That’s what this election is about – creating new opportunities for middle class New Yorkers and for all those trying to get there, and doing the right thing for New York.

Wendy Long (Republican/Conservative)
Wendy is a New York mother, wife, attorney, and volunteer.

She was raised in New Hampshire, where she attended public schools and then was graduated from Dartmouth College. She went to Washington, D.C. during the Reagan years to work in the United States Senate for U.S. Sen. Gordon Humphrey (R-N.H.) and then U.S. Sen. Bill Armstrong (R-Colo.). She studied as a Publius Fellow with the Claremont Institute.

Wendy attended Northwestern University School of Law and Harvard Law School, receiving her J.D. From Northwestern, where she was an editor of the law review.

She served as a law clerk to Judge Ralph K. Winter of the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in New York, and then to Justice Clarence Thomas of the Supreme Court of the United States. She practiced law with Kirkland & Ellis, LLP, becoming a litigation partner in New York City. She left private practice to build the Judicial Confirmation Network (now the Judicial Crisis Network), to promote public education about the proper role of the judiciary under the American Constitution and to win U.S. Senate confirmation of Supreme Court Justices and other federal judges with a record of judicial restraint and respect for the Constitution.

Wendy lives in Manhattan with her husband, Arthur, where they are raising their two children, Arthur and Mado.

She is a member of Governor Mitt Romney’s Justice Advisory Committee, teaches Roman Catholic catechism in New York City for the Narnia program, and is a member of the New York City Parks Mounted Auxiliary Unit.

Colia Clark (Green Party)
I am running on a Freedom Agenda for the 21st Century accompanied by an Economic Bill of Rights. As US Senator, I will work tirelessly to address the failing economy; failing schools; criminal injustice system; failing infrastructure; crisis in energy; health care; food production, crisis in the environment and other areas of the USA socio-political economy; end all wars in which the nation is presently engaged; close all USA military bases except those essential to building the peace among world nations.
Restore the faith of the American people in the belief that each individual has the potential to expand to endless horizons if given a chance.

John Mangelli (Common Sense)
I am running because as a constituent I don’t believe politicians represent the people anymore. They rule the people making laws without ever asking our opinion nor provide the opportunity to be heard. Political decisions are made not by public opinion but by special interest.
I am tired of decisions being made for us and not by us. As senator it will be my job to reach out to you by weekly radio, webcast and public forums. I will also provide the public with the right to vote on the issues. The system is broke and common sense can fix it. We need to at least make a stand on right and wrong. I would demand an increase in the prosecution of fraud and white collar crime. This will create jobs and lower taxes. I will advocate for employing thousands of high school graduates giving them the training and discipline needed to survive while taking them off the street, thus lowering crime and making more room for the white collers. In addition it will lighten the burden of their parents and provide capital needed for furthering education if desired.

Chris Edes (Liberty)
Candidate was contacted, but did not respond

State Supreme Court - 7th Judicial VOTE TWO

Sean E. Gleason (Democrat)
I am running for Supreme Court because my unique background and experience has given me the tools necessary to ensure that all who enter my courtroom will have their voice heard, and their case understood, and efficiently handled.

I grew up one of 7 children to parents of modest means. My parents never had the opportunity to attend college themselves, but they stressed the importance of hard work and education. In second grade, I took my first job delivering newspapers. Since that time, I have never not held a job. Even as a college and law school student, I worked nearly full time, and paid for my own education. Professionally, as counsel to this District’s top justice, I’ve been honored to work with and for many of the best judges throughout the District.

I was also honored by being appointed Referee to hear and decide issues in Supreme Court by the Hon. Jonathan Lippman, currently the Presiding Judge of New York’s highest court. Now, as Judicial Counsel, I process, mediate, and confer in decisions relating to cases brought against the State of New York in the Court of Claims. In over a decade “behind the bench”, I have obtained a rich judicial experience. Apart from judicial experience, I am the only candidate with significant trial experience as a practicing attorney.

The best judges are those with a long history trying cases before they become judges. They have a perspective that only true trial experience can give. I have tried thousands of cases in courtrooms and before judges all across the state as an Assistant Attorney General, and in private practice. This experience sets me apart from the other candidates. Finally, as a graduate of the University of Notre Dame, I gained a deep faith and a love for the law, and I hold myself to a very stringent standard of personal ethical and moral behavior.

I believe that my work ethic, experience, and integrity makes me the best choice for Supreme Court Justice, and I would be honored to have your vote on November 6.

J. Scott Odorisi (Democrat/Working Families)
It has been my privilege to serve as a judge in the City of Rochester and Town of East Rochester courts for nearly 16 years. During that time I have heard and decided thousands of cases encompassing many aspects of the law, both criminal and civil, involving individuals and families from all walks of life. The most rewarding thing of all is when I run into someone, somewhere around town – at the grocery store, the Little League field, in the Hall of Justice – who stops to say, “Judge, you may not remember me, but I appeared in your court and how you handled my case made a big difference in my life.”

Supreme Court is both a criminal and civil court. I believe my years of experience as a sitting judge, in combination with my experience in private practice, have prepared me well to make a difference in even more lives.

The oath that judges swear says that we will uphold the Constitution of the United States and the laws of the State of New York. These words are more than just a formality, more than just a ceremony. This is the high standard that I dedicate myself to each and every time I put on my robe and take my seat behind the bench. It is my pledge to the people throughout the 7th Judicial District, as well as all those who come into my court as a plaintiff or defendant, as a victim of a crime or as a family member who has been impacted by a crime.

It is my solemn promise to listen, to apply the law impartially and fairly, and above all – to seek justice. My message to people throughout the 7th Judicial District is that I look forward to spending the next few months getting to know you, informing you about my qualifications and experience as a sitting judge; and in doing so, I hope to earn your confidence, your support and your vote. To learn more, please visit my website at www.judgeodorisi.com to view a series of videos where I “Make the Case” for your vote. It will be my honor to serve as your next Supreme Court Judge.

Gail Donofrio (Republican/Conservative/Working Family)
I deal with human suffering everyday. My faith and my family help keep me grounded and levelheaded. One measure of my performance is what the lawyers say, so I was honored to be the only candidate to receive the highest ratings possible from all the bar associations. I received Highly Qualified from the Monroe County Bar Association, Highly Qualified and Commended from the Greater Rochester Association for Women Attorneys, Highly Qualified with High Sensitivity from the Rochester Black Bar Association and Highly Qualified from the Independent Judicial Qualifications Committee. I am often approached by people who tell me how I helped their families through rough times and that they are grateful for my compassion for children and families. I am proud to have earned the reputation as a fair, firm and caring Judge who treats people with respect and who relates to the human aspect of litigation.

I attribute my reputation in the community to my 14 years as a Judge and my 26 years in the legal profession. I am an Acting Supreme Court Justice and Supervising Judge for the Family Courts in the 7th Judicial District. As such, I oversee Family Court operations in the entire district. I have presided over cases in Supreme, County, Family and Surrogate’s Courts and have presided over matters in different counties in the Judicial District. I have presided over criminal and civil cases and jury trials. I also presided over the Integrated Domestic Violence Court handling cases involving criminal, matrimonial and/or Family Court matters. Prior to becoming a Judge, I was in private law practice. We handled civil litigation in State and Federal Courts. I worked on cases involving negligence, products liability, medical malpractice, construction litigation, contract disputes, labor and employment law, severe brain injury and catastrophic personal injury cases.
I had extensive experience in all aspects of litigation. I have been honored to serve as a Judge and as a lawyer for so many years. Everyday, I go home with the gratification of knowing that I make a difference in people’s lives.

David Michael Barry (Republican/Conservative)
My name is David Michael Barry and I am presently a N.Y.S. Supreme Court Justice, serving the 7th Judicial District which is comprised of eight counties including Wayne County, and I am seeking re-election to a second term. I have been a Judge for over 34 years, which is more years of judicial experience than all of the other candidates combined. I am the most qualified candidate for Supreme Court because I am the only candidate who is a Supreme Court Justice. In my 34 years as a Judge, I have handled over 200,000 criminal, civil, and matrimonial cases and have rendered 8,500 decisions as a Supreme Court Justice. I was a practicing attorney for 22 years and former Monroe County Assistant District Attorney. I was a Greece Town Justice for 20 years and I also served as an Acting Rochester City Court Judge and Acting Gates Town Justice during that time. As a Supreme Court Justice, I served as the Supervising Judge for the Matrimonial Part, Acting Administrative Judge for the 7th Judicial District dealing with crisis management and policy making, and past President of the Seventh Judicial District Supreme Court Justices Association.

I was interviewed by three different bar associations and found “Highly Qualified” by the Monroe County Bar Association, “Highly Qualified” by the Greater Rochester Association for Women Attorneys, and “Highly Qualified and Highly Sensitive” by the Rochester Black Bar Association. In addition, my candidacy has been endorsed by the Monroe County Police Benevolent Association (consisting of 11 police unions), Monroe County Law Enforcement Association, and Central New York Community Action Program Council, Region 9 UAW (United Auto Workers).

Serious subject matter is brought before Supreme Court which can impact individuals and families for the rest of their lives. Rich in experience, highly qualified, dedicated and fair - that is what I bring to the position of Supreme Court Justice. I am grateful for the past support of the voters in the 7th Judicial District and ask for their support in November so that I may continue to serve.

Rep. in Congress (24th District) VOTE ONE

Dan Maffei (Democrat/Working Families)
In recent years the middle class in America has been squeezed to the point that the very idea of the American Dream is at risk. Here in Central New York we have seen companies with good jobs close up shop or move to Mexico or China just as college educations have gotten harder to afford for our children. It is time to move our country back to growing our middle class, and return the American Dream to every Central New Yorker.

We need a very different vision for the future of Central New York. One where middle class families get the same fair shot that my family got when I was growing up here. We need to balance the budget, but we need to do it the right way, not on the backs of middle class families and seniors. Instead, let’s cut taxes for middle class families and small businesses, and ask millionaires and billionaires to return to their Clinton era tax rates. We must protect jobs here in Central New York by ending tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas. We need to give our children the best possible education, and we need to make it more affordable for middle class families to send their kids to college. And when middle class men and women are ready to retire after a lifetime of work - I believe their Medicare and Social Security must be protected and never privatized.
Central New York is the best place in the world to live and raise a family. It’s a place where middle class families can work, raise their kids to be successful and retire. I know because my family did it. We had a fair shot. But we need to make sure it stays that way. But we can’t do that if we stay on the current course. I’m running because I believe if we work together and focus on the right priorities we can keep Central New York a place for the middle class.

Ann Marie Buerkle (Republican/Conservative/Independence)
With Election Day quickly approaching, I want to take a moment to reach out to you personally and thank you for the privilege of representing you in Congress. I humbly ask that you give me the honor of continuing as your Representative.

From a young age, I learned the importance of the American Dream – the promise that through hard work you can achieve your potential. Throughout my life I have worked diligently and seized the unique opportunities America has to offer. Sadly, I believe these opportunities are disappearing for our children. With a struggling economy, high taxes, an ever-expanding government, and over-regulation, our job creators are being stifled and employment opportunities are drying up. Right here in Wayne County we see first-hand how destructive onerous federal regulation can be on agribusiness, entrepreneurs, and home owners. That is why I have worked with the Wayne County community to hold the Departments of State and Homeland Security accountable regarding guest worker programs. Together we have also relentlessly fought against the International Joint Commission’s BV7 plan that will destroy shoreline property and pushed the Army Corps of Engineers to address lake dredging. Listening to my constituents in Wayne County has helped me work to roll back government overreach, hold Washington accountable, and restore America’s great promise. My staff and I have held ninety mobile office days in Wayne County and over thirty public forums. Meeting with the people of Wayne County has been indispensable for me. Together, we must continue to work to increase job opportunities and improve education for our children and grandchildren.
We cannot accept Washington’s complacency and allow the government to burden us with its bureaucratic “business-as-usual” mentality. We must embrace the individualist spirit which has resulted in the greatest prosperity the world has ever known. It is the people of America’s communities, the people of Wayne County – and not the government – which will lead America into greatness in the new century.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I would immensely appreciate your support during this election season as we work together to grow our economy, create jobs, and restore the American Dream for our children and grandchildren.

Ursula Rozum (Green Party)
I’m a native of Syracuse, the daughter of Polish immigrant parents who came to the United States ready to work hard to create a decent life for our family. That American Dream is now out of the reach for too many people. I’m running because the corporate-funded parties are not solving the serious crises facing our communities. Ann Marie Buerkle is extremely-conservative and Dan Maffei is a moderately conservative New Democrat– neither will stand up to the leadership of their parties. As the first Green in Congress, I will fight for the progressive policies we need to restore economic security for our communities. To create jobs, to alleviate poverty and to end economic stagnation, I support a public jobs program, like the WPA, to guarantee the right to a job and to put money in the hands of those who need it most, the working people of our district. We need a Green New Deal. Rather than send people to the unemployment office, lets put the unemployed back to work in jobs that meet community needs and that help us transition to a renewable energy economy. To address our fiscal crisis, we need to cut military spending and restore Eisenhower-era progressive tax rates on the top 10% of income earners so that the federal government can meet its obligations – Social Security, Medicare for All, fully-funded education, a safety net that ensures no one goes hungry. The rich are the only ones who have seen their incomes increase in the last 40 years – it’s time they paid their fair share again.

The failure of Congress to pass more than short extensions of the farm bill is typical of Congress’ failure to deal with any of our problems. I support farm subsidies for family farms over corporate agribusiness, higher milk price supports, no cuts in the food stamp/SNAP program, and policies to encourage organic agriculture. Our people and our planet need immediate action. Real solutions can’t wait. If you support the practical policies I am proposing, I’m asking for your vote on November 6.

Village of Newark Trustees VOTE TWO

Kurt F. Werts (Republican)
I have been a trustee in the Village of Newark since the Spring of 1999. One of my goals has been to make Newark a safe village for our families to raise their children. We should be proud of our parks and recreation programs. The ball fields at Hallagan Park, the new fields on Fry Street and the improvements at Perkins Park are second to none. When graduates of Newark High School return for class reunions they priase our parks as best in the area. The same is true of T. Spencer Knight Park along the Erie Canal. Boaters love to overnight at our facility and shop and dine in our local restaurants. Boaters and other visitors often comment on our neighborhoods of historical homes. We are fortunate to have this rich resource of architectural gems. I want to preserve this heritage. I favor a moratorium on th conversion of one family homes into multifamily units, I will work to insure we keep our unique heritage in our cultural center. Additionally, our Board has mad significant initiatives in combining town and village services. We now have the shared management of our DPW which has led to iproved performance at reduced cost. I will work hard to look for other ways to combine services and and reduce costs. Recently Seneca Falls voted to abolish its village. I believe a more efficient and fiscally sound way to combine village and town is through voluntary cooperation. Lastly, I, like all homeowners, want to see tax increases kept to a minimum. I pledge to limit taxes to a 2% increase, even if it means cuts. We can take pride in a villag which offers recreational and cultural programs for young familes, adults and seniors, neighborhoods which promote our heritage and cooperation between our village and town governments. I would appreciate your vote on November 6t.

Jonathan Taylor (Republican)
My name is Jonathan Taylor and I am running for Trustee in the Village of Newark. I was born and raised in Newark as a fourth generation dairy farmer. After graduating from Cornell University in 1993 I returned to the family farm to form a partnership with my parents. Today, my wife Cari and I, with our two children live in the village. Our children attend Newark schools, we are active in our church, and involved in youth sports and other activities in the community. With my background in agriculture, I feel I can bring a whole new perspective to the board of trustees. I recently served six years on the New York Farm Bureau state board of directors, three on its Executive Committee. Through Farm Bureau I have built relationships with numerous legislators. Growing up on a farm I have worked on and owned a business in the private sector nearly my entire life. I believe that much like the private sector government should be fiscally responsible and live within its means, at the same time upholding its responsibility to protect its citizens. Maintaining an adequate police force and supporting a strong volunteer fire department is critical to secure our community. I believe we need to limit taxes and keep all costs of living under control. I feel we should work with the town, county, and school district wherever possible. Sharing services could provide the taxpayers with the same benefits at a reduced cost. Further, we need to work on economic development and job creation here in our community. It’s troubling to see so many leave Newark to seek employment elsewhere. In closing, my roots have always been in this community. I believe very strongly that Newark is a great place to raise a family; our community has a lot to offer. From my experiences with Farm Bureau and working with numerous legislators, I understand the need to work for the greater good of the community and not for an individuals wants or needs. If elected to your board of trustees I will always strive for the greater good of the Village of Newark! As a community we face many challenges, however with every challenge there are opportunities! I look forward to what lies ahead and I am committed to moving Newark in a direction of prosperity! I greatly appreciate any and all support.

Christopher Avery (Unify Newark Now)
Twenty years ago I was asked to volunteer as a Planning Board member. I eventually chaired that board 6 of the 10 years I served. I was then elected to the position of Village Trustee. I am seeking my third term upon this election.

I have been consistently active and involved with the entire operation of the Village of Newark. I have served as the youngest board member throughout my terms. I look forward to the involvement of younger residents bringing new leadership to our community. I was asked to bring new ideas 20 years ago, which I have done. Personally I have preserved and restored many properties throughout different neighborhoods. My goals are the same for the entire Village of Newark. My greatest challenge is that I have not always made popular decisions as a Trustee. My leadership has been independent of party influence while always holding for the best interest of our community, even at my own personal expense as a taxpayer. I am committed to my continued service as your Trustee but the decision to re-elect me lies in your hands as voters in the Village of Newark. I remain at your service and hope to continue as Village Trustee for years to come. I am extremely grateful to every Village resident and every Village employee for the privilege of having their trust over the past 20 years I have served.

I will always be proud of the progress we’ve accomplished together. I will always be proud to call Newark my home.

Village of Clyde Trustees VOTE TWO

Mike Nicoletta (Republican)
I am running for re-election as a village Trustee. I have been a long time resident of the Village of Clyde.

I have been married for 43 years and have three children and five grandchildren. My wife and I have owned and operated Nicoletta Furniture and Upholstery for the past 35 years and continue to serve the community needs. I have been on the village board for the last four years. I feel I have the experience, time, and positive attitude to help move the Community move forward.
I would like to thank you in advance for your support.

Roland J.(Rolo) Kanaley (Republican)
I am running for re-election as a village Trustee.

I have been a long time resident of the Village of Clyde. I have been married for 42 years and have two children and six grandchildren.

I retired from Xerox Corporation after 34 years of employment.

I have been on the village board for the last four years.

I feel I have the experience, time, and dedication to help move the Community towards the future.

I would like to thank you in advance for your support.

Carl Colasurdo (Uncle Sam)
Mr. Colasurdo was contacted, but stated that he was too busy to respond.

Village of Palmyra Trustees VOTE TWO

John C. J. Graham (Democrat)
I, John Graham, would like your vote November 6th for the position of Palmyra Village Trustee.

I believe that the Palmyra community should have diversity and openness in the village government.

I will give my absolute best for this community. I believe that new fresh ideas are what will help the community thrive.

I support local business, welcome local tourism, and believe in the preservation of our historical sites and architecture.

Regardless of your party affiliation, vote for me as your trustee.
I will work hard for you and our community.

Donald G. Valley (Democrat)
I would like to take this opportunity to say hello to the residents of the village of Palmyra. I have lived most of my life in the village and am very proud of the beautiful village we have. Palmyra is a wonderful place to live. For the past 29 years my wife and I have lived on Liberty St. and we raised our family here. How fortunate we are to live in a village that offers us a wonderful array of venues for all residents to enjoy: a Community Center with multiple programs for people of all ages, beautiful fairgrounds that are enjoyed by the entire county with a weeklong agricultural fair and several other events held throughout the year. The village is host to festivals such as Canaltown Days and Pirate Days and home to historical museums and a beautiful library. These are just a few of the amenities the village of Palmyra has to offer. All of these are within walking distance of village residents. I have always loved the richness of the history of this village. I am proud to call Palmyra home. I welcome the opportunity to work with my constituents. I will work hard for the residents of the village of Palmyra. All I can say to the residents of the Village of Palmyra is that I will try to do the best job I can for you.

Richard T. Perry Jr. (Republican/Palmyra First)
Dear Palmyra Village Residents,
My name is Richard (Rick) Perry and I am running for Village Trustee. I have been a resident and business owner in the Village for twenty one years. I have been blessed with six children and a wonderful wife. During my residency I have had the privilege to serve on several committees including: 3 years on the School Board, and 6 years PTO President at the Palmyra Elementary School. Currently I am serving as VP of Pal-Mac Youth Football and Cheer program as well as starting my 6th year on the Palmyra Zoning Board (with the last two years as the Zoning Board Chair). It has been a great experience and I am thankful Mayor Daly asked me to serve.

My business is built on my commitment to good customer service and solution oriented problem solving. I have learned to focus not on the problem but on the solution and that the customers deserve the best service that I can give. I look at the residents/taxpayers of the Village of Palmyra as customers that deserve the best service that I can give. My experience as a business owner, active committee member, community member and commitment to serve people will make me the best Village Trustee.I would be honored to be your Village Trustee. My background, good customer service, the ability to address situations with knowledgeable solutions and the desire to tackle a challenge will make you proud to say I am your Village Trustee. I look forward to your vote on November 6th.

Patrick M. Nolan (Republican/Palmyra First)
My name is Pat Nolan and I am running for my second full term as Village Trustee. Over my time as Trustee, I have been entrusted to be liaison to: Economic Support/Celebrations, Code Enforcement, Planning and Zoning, Senior Citizens, Youth/Palmyra Community Center, Personnel and Contract Negotiations.

The biggest accomplishment for me as a Village Trustee has been in oversight of major reconstruction projects within the water and sewer departments. Some of the projects include the painting of the water tower on Prospect Hill and the continued upgrading of waterlines and the infrastructure within the Village. In the past two years, I assisted in bringing the Wayne County Water and Sewer Authority onboard to oversee and manage the Village water and sewer plants. One of my goals is to finish the conversion to the “drive-by automated water meter system” which is currently 75% completed. I am a lifelong resident of Palmyra. I have been actively involved in many Community activities and organizations throughout the years. My wife and I have raised our three children here. I know that I can help keep Palmyra a great place for other to raise their families.

I will continue to be fiscally responsible; businesses oriented, and work to maintain a safe environment for all members of our community. I want Palmyra to continue to grow and flourish as the great and proud community it has been all of my life.

Please remember to come out on election day, November 6th. I would appreciate your vote for another 4 year term as your Village Trustee. Thank you.

Village of Palmyra Mayor VOTE ONE

James Elliott (Democrat)
As a life long resident of the Village of Palmyra, I offer a well-rounded background for the position of Mayor. I served in the US. Marine Corps during the Vietnam Era and was honorably discharged. I then attended Finger Lakes Community College and graduated with degrees in Accounting and Business Administration. After working for Eastman Kodak for five years as Supervisor, I bought and opened a convenience grocery store in Canandaigua.I was elected as Village Trustee and served two terms as elected Village Mayor of Palmyra. As Trustee, I worked with the Engineers and Contractors on the first major upgrade to the local sewer plant. During my time as Mayor, roadway and sidewalk projects were completed. The Water Plant had major upgrades during this time. While serving as Trustee and Mayor, I was active in the New York Conference of Mayors attending training workshops. I served as co-chairperson of their Personnel Committee four times. I have been a member of the Wayne County Democratic and Local Democratic Committees for twenty five years. During that time there has been a concerted effort to make the citizens aware of the importance of their participation in government. I urge active citizen involvement in local government, by attending board meetings. I feel my unique background gives me excellent qualifications to serve as Mayor.

Christopher J. Piccola (Republican/Palmyra First)
My name is Chris Piccola and I am running for the office of Mayor in Palmyra. It has been an honor to serve as a trustee in our Village for the last ten years. Two years prior to my election, as trustee, I was a member of the Village Planning Board. In my 10+ years I have been the liaison to many departments and committees such as Highway Department, Code Enforcement, Youth/Palmyra Community Center, Economic Support and Celebrations, Court Auditor, Contract Negotiations, Personnel, and Seniors Citizens.

I know I’m the best candidate for the position of Mayor due to my 31 years of successful experience as a private business owner and as an experienced Village Official.

I have helped to successfully secure four large grants in excess of $3.3 million over my tenure.
The four major projects were: Micro-Enterprise Loans, The Building of the Comfort Station, Safe Routes to School, and Canandaigua St. Reconstruction. These projects have been a great benefit to the Village of Palmyra.

My leadership skills, financial knowledge, and my concern for Palmyra will lead the Village into a successful future. I know that Palmyra is a warm, welcoming community for families to raise their children.

I’m accessible, approachable, and willing to listen to all residents’ concerns.
On November 6th, I would appreciate your vote as Mayor.

Village of Sodus Mayor VOTE ONE

Kelley M. Allen (Republican)
I want the village of Sodus to be the best village it can be, so no one wants it to go away. Yes, I do want to consolidate and share services with the Town and school. This givestaxpayers more for their money. In the last 4 years we have taken back the water and waste water plants from a private contractor. This gave us the ability to lower the cost of water to our customers.

The village has also done major updates and improvements to the sewer plant and has many more improvements to make. The water plant will soon add 1000 ft. of pipe out into the lake, getting us a better supply of water. The street departments in now doing a complete street program sidwalk curb drainage and paving all on the same street. The village of Sodus is in good financial shape and has the ability to move forward in a positive way. In the last 3 years the village of Sodus has NOT raised village property taxes and has a balanced budget. It has been a joy this last year and working with a board that wants to work with me and the town to get things done. I look forwared to working the next four years for YOU. I am everyone’s mayor.

David A. Madison (Conservative)
First, I would like to thank everyone for their continued support. I am again running for the position of Mayor for the Village of Sodus because...

I feel that the closeness of last year’s election shows that at least 50% of those who voted, give or take 4 votes, are unhappy with the direction the village is heading.

I believe change can happen as long as we, the residents of the village, and the board work together.

I would also put together a sensible budget that meets the needs of the people. I plan to oversee spending and work with the board to make sure we operate within the approved budget.

I will also take notice of the little things, to name a few: make sure that storm drains are clean so that our streets don’t flood, weeds can be removed from street sides and sidewalks to help improve the appearance of the village.

If elected I will be honored to serve my community. I live here, I care, so together let’s make a difference.

Thanks again for your support and remember to get out and vote on November 6th.

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