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Sodus High School to present “The Boys from Syracuse”



The cast of the Sodus Jr./Sr. High School’s annual spring musical is excited to present this year’s production, The Boys From Syracuse. Rodger’s & Hart’s musical masterpiece, based on Shakespeare’s “A Comedy of Errors,” tells the story of two sets of twins separated in infancy.

One pair is raised in Ephesus while the other pair is raised in Syracuse. The trouble begins when the set of twins from Syracuse venture to Ephesus in search of their long lost brothers. The Syracusians get mistaken for the Ephesus twins, not only by the people of their city, but also by their Ephesian wives, Adriana and Luce.

To complicate things even more, the twins share the same name, Antipholus, while their servants also share the same name, Dromio. As one can imagine, comedy and chaos ensue. Playing the roles of the Antipholus twins are Evan Jackson, Antipholus from Ephesus and Danny Mares, Antipholus from Syracuse.

Their servant twins are played by Keith Allen, Dromio from Ephesus, and Harrison VanDeWalle, Dromio from Syracuse. Leah Curran as Adriana, the wife of Anitpholus from Ephesus, Drianni Bennett as Luce, the wife of Dromio of Ephesus, and Brianna Houser as Adriana’s sister, Luciana, will amaze with their beautiful harmonies.

If you’re looking for weekend entertainment with lots of laughter and jazzy swing music, come see the show Friday, March 9th at 7pm or Saturday, March 10th at 7pm at the Sodus High School auditorium. Tickets can be ordered pre-sale by calling the box office at 315-483-2331, ext. 7535 or available at the door.


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