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She no longer wanted the dog, so she just stopped feeding it

State Police out of Wolcott  received a report of a pit bull showing up on  a neighbor’s property with its ribs sticking out and a festered sore and scar on his head on Sunday (10/29).

Troopers found the dog and the owner, Jessica L. Goodrich, age 34, of 4380 Wolcott Spring Lake Road in the Town of Butler.

“I don’t want the dog. I am trying to get rid of it,” was Goodrich’s comment to the trooper.

Goodrich was subsequently arrested for Animal Abuse: Torture/Injure/Not Feed an Animal under the State Agriculture and Markets Law. She was released on an appearance ticket for Butler Town Court on November 15th.

The dog, Rosa, was taken to a veterinarian and treated for worms and its injuries  then the Humane Society of Wayne County.

  • Ingrid Engel

    This misfit needs to go to jail and never allowed to own any animal.

  • Jae Chatfield

    Although the article refers to the dog as a “he,” it looks to me like it’s a female, and as if it were possibly nursing puppies. Hopefully that aspect has been addressed as well. If you can no longer care for your animal, please find someone else that will – domesticated animals can rarely fend for themselves for long.

    • Ava

      The dog’s name is Rosa. I didn’t see where they referred to her as a male at all.

      • Jae Chatfield

        It says “a scar on his head.” In any case, I guess it’s all a moot point at this point.

  • MrDevourtoSurvive .

    Society doesn’t want you, we are trying to get rid of you.

  • Jessica Keeling

    Its pretty messed up her dad an her bro were arrested for same thing not long ago…ppl like that dnt need animals or kids…