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Shortsville man charged with Forcible Touching involving estranged wife

Palmyra police reported the arrest on Saturday (12/2) of Kolby G. Clayton, age 27, of 582 Curran Road in the Town of Shortsville.

Clayton was charged with Forcible Touching his estranged wife of 2 1/2 years. Through an arrangement with his wife, Kolby was to enter the wife’s residence late at night through an unlocked door to retrieve his children following a visitation.

On Wednesday (11/29) he entered the residence around 11:20 p.m., awoke his 6 year-old son and placed him in a running vehicle in the driveway. He then reentered the house, went to his estranged wife’s bedroom and entered her bed from the bottom of the sheets and placed his head between her legs.

At this point, the estranged wife woke up and she punched Kolby in the head. He quickly left the bedroom awoke his 4 year-old daughter in another room and exited the house.

Upon questioning by police, Kolby admitted that he slid under the sheets to perform oral sex on his estranged wife. He was charged with Forcible Touching, arraigned and released on his own recognizance to reappear in Palmyra Village Court on December 12th.

  • Brian Smith

    What a dirt ball. Looking at this pic I can imagine his wife is a beauty. I bet my life savings they are the ones in the trailer park that are on welfare, have 20 pets ,no electricity ,and smell like sh it. Hopefully they put both these scumbags in jail.

    • Pogohontas

      Judgmental prick.