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Election 2021: State & Local Race Results

by WayneTimes.com
November 2, 2021

We'll be posting election results as they come in. Please note that these are only preliminary numbers, and that official counts will be released by the board of elections once all votes have been tallied.

7th Judicial

 Supreme Court

Winners in the Seventh Judicial District of Supreme Court were Republicans: Elena Cariola (12,111) and Jim Walsh (12,201)

County Races

District Attorney

Unopposed Republican/Conservative candidate Mike Calarco won reelection with 13,940 votes.

County Clerk

Unopposed Republican/Conserva- tive candidate Mike Jankowski won reelection with 14,251 votes.

Wayne County Sheriff

In a very visible and hard fought race for election as the new Wayne County Sheriff, Chief Deputy Rob Milby came out the winner with 11,363 votes to his contender, Macedon Police Sergeant Stephen MacNeal Jr’s 5,781.

Town Supervisor Races

Town of Butler

Town of Butler

With the retirement of long time Supervisor Dave Spickerman, the race came down to Republican Chris Reed and  Conservative endorsed Tommy Mettler. Mettler had a great deal of support over his stand against the Tully Environmental composting facility proposal.  Mettler won  294 to 184. Mettler is a registered Republican who ran on the Democrat line, but retained his enrollment.

Town of Huron

Republican Supervisor Phil Eygnor won reelection with 369 votes.

Town of Lyons

With the retirement of Supervisor Jake Emmel, James Brady (Rep) won with 688 votes to David Tulley’s 107 votes. 

Town of Marion

In Marion, Republican Supervisor Jody Bender retained her seat, unopposed, with 886 votes.

Town of Ontario

With absentee ballots keeping the outcome of the Supervisor race an unknown, Republican incumbent Supervisor Frank Robusto seems to be the winner with 1292 votes over contender Jim Switzer (Good Neighbor party) with 1197. There are 97 Absentee ballots to be counted.

Town of Rose

The Supervisor race in Rose pitted a former Supervisor Kenan Baldridge (Dem) against incumbent Supervisor Richard Lasher. Lasher retained his seat with 306 votes to 232 for Baldridge.

Town of Savvannah

With no one challenging Republican Supervisor Michael Kolczynski, he won with 211 votes.

Town of Walworth

A very closely watched race in Walworth for Supervisor, would determine if the only Democrat on the Board of Supervisors, Susie Jacobs, retained her seat. She was defeated by Republican challenger, Mike Donalty, by votes of 1412 to 942. 

Town of Wolcott

Republican incumbent Supervisor Lynn Chatfield retained his seat with 527 votes.



Other Town results for council, judge, highway and clerk include:

Town Clerks

Town Clerk winners included:

Butler: Kim Parmeter  433

Huron: Tammy Vezzose 373

Lyons: Amy Shaffer      738

Marion: Heidi Levan 890

Rose: Ann Gonzalez wins over Swan Gie Oey 375 to 148.

Walworth: Aimee Phillips-Lomb 1966

Wolcott: Jessica Freer 540

Town Justices

Town Justice winners included:

Arcadia: Art Williams, and MichAel Colacino with 1327 and 1277 votes respectively.

Huron: Kathy Wachtman (349) and David Urban (336)

Lyons: Philip DeSain (543) and Nancy Collins (644). Gerry Clingerman was defeated with 311 votes.

Macedon: Following the death of Justice Tom Crowley, Lon Sanford  was placed on the ballot and won with 1320 votes.

Galen:  Incumbent Carol Heald won reelection with 665 votes.

Marion: Incumbent Sam Bonafede won re-election with 1019 votes    

Ontario: William Benedict II won re-election as Town Justice with 2264 votes.

Palmyra: Incumbent Terry Rodman won his re-election with 994 votes, over Sean Myers with 287 votes.

Rose: ?????

Savannah: Heath TenEyck won with 215 vote3s.

Sodus: Tom Putnam won re-election with 1205 votes.

Walworth: Incumbent Charles Young was re-elected with 1905 votes.

Wolcott: Larry Mattle wins with 511 votes.

Town Council members:

Town Council winners included:

Arcadia: Michael Diamon (13434) and David Greco (1333) won the two open seats.

Butler: Republicans David Soules (235) and John C. Dates (235) won the two seats in Butler, defeating Brett Norsworthy (182), Joe Young (146) and Marcie Carlo (68).

Galen: The two council seats were won by: Jeff Montemorano (556) and Nicole Malbone (493), over opponents: Jason Norcott (131) and JoAnn Salaerno (237). A 2 year vacancy on the Town Council was won by Kirk Lancaster (586).

Huron: Tom Wetherby (355) and David Buisch (332) won the two seats in Huron

Lyons: Winners of the two seats on the Town Council went to Republicans: Daniel LaGasse (538)and Daniel DeWolf (471). They defeated Adam Bullock (282) and James Wedman (255).


Incumbent Republicans David McEwen (1049) and Bruce Babcock (1061) were winners in Macedon. They defeated Democrats Deb Napolitano (632) and Matt Zelehowski (594).

Marion: The two Republican candidates: Julie Herman (857) and Michael Ceramer (537) won over Kaith Mrwka (376) 

Ontario: The two Town Board seats went to Republican candidates Deb Hibbard (1712) and Mark D’Angelo (1984), over Ed Montgomery (515) and Scott Tewinkle (350).

Palmyra:  Palmyra’s two Town Council seats were won by Brad Cook (899) and Todd Pipitone (878). They defeated John Spiegel (354) and Scott Comegys (331).

Rose: Winners were Henry Dunphy (350 and Christine Rice (336), over Jennifer Murphy (261).

Savannah: The two council seats were won by: John Gill (206) and John Sloan (209)

Town of Sodus: Council seats were won by David J. LeRoy (860) and Donald Ross (842) over opponents: Peter Bump (298) and Frank Fava (241).

A 2-year vacancy on the Town Board was won by Catherine Willmott (965).

Walworth: The two open Town Board seats were won by Republicans Rick Johnson (1583) and James Harden (1470). Opponents were: Tiffany Paine (752) and John Crumb (709).

Williamson: Two Council seats were won by Barry VanNostrand (1106) and Abram Moll (1058).

Wolcott: Winners were Jorden Brown (402) and Raymond Hauss (427) over opponents Lori Furguson (146) and Derek Ceratt (197).

Town Highway Superintendents:

Winners for Town Highway races were:

Butler: Richard Robinson (251) over Daniel Mettler (220) 

Huron: Gerritt Reyn wins with 362 votes.

Lyons: Winner was Tim Moore with 735 votes.

Marion: Tim Boerman wins with 829 votes.

Rose: Jeffery Jay will be the highway superintendent (511 votes)

Savannah: Jeffrey Liddle wins with 220 votes.

Walworth: Walworth’s new highway superintendent will be Kevin Switzer, who garnered 1948 votes.

Wolcott: Zachary Decker wins with 544 votes.

Town Receiver of Taxes

Arcadia: Sharon VerHeecke is the winner with 1427 votes.

Village Races

Village of Sodus Point: 

David McDowell will remain as mayor, with 171 votes.

Laurie Verbridge (183) and Ira Bristol (112) win Village Trustee seats in Sodus Point over James Taylor (100)

Village of Red Creek

Mayor: Charles Palermo wins over Debra Letson,  for Mayor, 94 votes to 24.

Trustees: Erika Barnes (70) and Kevin Doll (77) won the two Trustee seats, ober Richard Letson Sr. (24) and Steve Huntington (34).

Village of Newark

 Justice: Marsha Williams wins with 737 votes.

Village of Clyde

Trustees: One 3 year Trustee vacan cy was won by Neal Kinnetz (243) over Tom Caprilla (151).


In  Wayne County.......

Proposal #1 was voted down 12,487 to 3978Proposal #2 passed 8817 to 7577

Proposal #3 was voted down 13,167 to 3486.

Proposal #4 was voted down 12,505 to 4,113.

Proposal #5 was voted down 8,960 to 6,814.

The overall numbers in New York appear to be showing rejections of Proposals 1, 3 & 4.

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