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Elections at a glance for this Tuesday

by WayneTimes.com
October 26, 2019

Here is the breakdown of the candidates on this November’s ballot in Wayne County. (ELECTION DAY IS NOVEMBER 5TH)


On the State Level, the only race in Wayne County is for Supreme Court (7th Judicial District). Two seats are open. The candidates include Meredith Vacca, the sole Democrat, and two Republicans: incumbent Matthew Rosenbaum and Kevin Nasca. Judge Rosenbaum has held his seat for the last 14 years and in seeking re-election. Kevin Nasca is a practicing attorney, currently a support magistrate in Monroe County Family Court, and a former Principal Law Clerk to a Supreme Court Justice. Meredith Vacca has spent the last twelve years as an Assistant District Attorney in Monroe County.


In County races, only one candidate is on the ballot. Republican Daniel Barrett, a current Wayne County Judge will run for re-election to that seat.


There is a contested race for Supervisor in the Town of Arcadia. (See the Contested Supervisor Race section at the end of this article). Democrat Kelli Kelley is challenging incumbent Republican Supervisor Jon “Chuck” Verkey. Two seats are open for Arcadia Council seats: Four candidates are running. The choice will be Democrats/ newcomers Allison Kirsch and Ryan Brotons, challenging Republican/Conservative endorsed Richard VanLaeken and Dawn Pisciotti. Dan Pullen is running unopposed for another term as Arcadia Highway Superintendent.


There are no contested races in Butler this year. Candidates include David Spickerman Jr. for Supervisor, Kimberly Parmeter for Town Clerk, Jeffrey Harper and Neil Fuller for Justice seats, Duane VanGelder and Eugene VanDeusen for Town Council seats. All candidates are Republicans.


Republican Steven Groat is running for re-election as Galen Town Supervisor. Norma Lancaster is running for re-election as Town Clerk and has the backing of both the Democrats and Republicans. For Town Justice, Republican Lester Carr Sr. will run again, Incumbents Don Lancaster and Lester Carr Jr. are seeking reelection as Town Councilmen. Lancaster has been cross endorsed by the Democrats and Republicans. There is a contested race for Galen Highway Superintendent. David Donk has the Democrat line, and Brandon Fratus is endorsed by the Republicans,following the retirement of current Highway Superintendent Paul Plucinik.


With long time Town Supervisor Laurie Crane stepping down this year, the Republicans have endorsed Phil Eygnor as the candidate to fill that position. Two Republicans are running for town council

seats: Bob Cahoon and Russell Teeple.


Republican/Conservative endorsed Jake Emmel took over the vacated seat of Supervisor Brian Manktelow when Brian was elected NY State Assemblyman last year. Emmel is running unopposed for the Supervisor seat. Judge Larry Hartwell is running unopposed for Town Justice in Lyons and is cross endorsed by the Democrats and Republicans. There is a challenge for the Town Council. Two seats are open, and three candidates are vying for those positions. The Republicans have endorsed James Brady and Joanne Greco, incumbents. James Wedman has the Conservative backing.


With two term Republican Supervisor Sandy Pagano stepping down, former Town Councilman Paul Kenyon has the Republican endorsement and is running unopposed. Two council positions are to be decided with Democrats Deborah Napolitano and James Byron Jr. challenging Republicans Kim Leonard and incumbent David Maul. Republican incumbent Karrie Bowers is running unopposed for re-election as Town Clerk, as is Town Justice Ron Reinstein, Town Highway Superintendent Chris Countryman, and Receiver of Taxes, Laurie Maul.


In Marion, a former Town Supervisor Jody Bender has stepped up to run for the seat vacated by one-term Supervisor Nick Deming. No contests in the races for Town Supervisor, Town Council (LaVerne Bliek and Ron Lonneville), or Town Justice (Paul Bender)..


There is a contested race this year for Town Supervisor between Democrat Jim Switzer and Republican incumbent Frank Robusto (see Town Supervisor write ups at the end of this article.) No one is running against Republicans Debra DeMinck for Town Clerk nor Paul Sucher for Town Justice. In the Town Council contest: Democrats Dave Burns and Michael Schoen, are seeking to unseat Republican candidates Joe Catalano and Tim Strickland. Current Highway Superintendent, Republican Marilee Stollery is being challenged for her seat by Democrat Jeffrey Lapp.


In Palmyra, it will be no contest for the races for Town Supervisor (Ken Miller), Town Clerk (Irene Unterborn), Town Justice (Bill Abbott), and Town Highway Superintendent (Mike Boesel). There are three candidates vying for two seats on the Town Board. Democrat Mitchell Murray will seek to unseat either of the current Republican Town Board members (Jim Welch and Mike Lambrix)


Here is another contested race for Supervisor (see write ups later on). Democrat and incumbent Supervisor Kenan Baldridge will be challenged by Republican Richard “Ric” Lasher. For the Town Justice, Diane Smith will see no challenge, as she is cross endorsed by the Democrats and Republicans. Two councilman, incumbents Paul Wilson and Scott Converse have the Republican nod and no challengers. A 2-year vacancy on the Town Council is being sought by Henry Dunphy, who is endorsed by the Republicans and Conservatives. Republican Jeffery Yay is unchallenged for the position of Superintendent of Highways.


There are no contested races in Savannah. Town Supervisor Michael Kolczynski, Town Justice Richard Sloan, Town Council members Julie VanLeeuwen, and Fred Baker, have no challenges. For Highway Superintendent

the race is between Mark Fedele and Jeffrey Liddle. (It was originally reported that there was no challenge for the Superintendent of Highways seat.


A three way battle for Town Supervisor was precipitated by the retirement of current Town Supervisor Steve LeRoy. Running for that top seat will be Democrat David Englert, Republican/ Conservative candidate Scott Johnson, and an independent challenger Jim Hoyt. (More on this race at the end of this article.) Also in Sodus, two women will challenge for the position of Town Clerk. Incumbent Lori Diver, endorsed by the Republicans and Conservatives will take on an independent bid from Paula Dolan. A number of candidates are vying for the two town Council seats. They include: Democrats Mary Ellen Fava and Peter Bump, Republicans Christian Tertinek and John Faulks, and James Russell on the Libertarian and an independent line. The Superintendent of Highways, Dale Pickering is running unopposed.


Republicans Jared Laird and Martin Williams are running for two town Trustee seats, and Lynne Littlefield is up to a 1 year vacancy on the board.


There are two Trustees seats are open with three candidates running. Jennifer Evans and Michael Healy have the backing of the Democrats and Bill Kallusch Jr. is Republican endorsed. A fourth candidate, Republican Laurie Verbridge, has since declined the endorsement due to family/personal reasons, although her name will still appear on the ballot.


There is no race this year for the position of Supervisor or Town Clerk. Two seats for Town Board are open due to retirements. Running for those vacancies are Democrats Kate Baranek and Rich Hull; and Republicans Scott Bryson and Amber Linson. The only other position open this year in Walworth is for Receiver of Taxes, and that seat is unopposed with incumbent Republican Deb Amsler running for reelection.


Town Supervisor Anthony Verno is running unopposed, as is Town Clerk Sue Brennessel, Republican Town Justices candidates Deb Stritzel and Robert Klinkman, Town Councilmen Gary Orbaker and Nancy Gowan, and Highway Superintendent Kurt Allman


There is no room for upsets this year in Wolcott. All candidates are running unopposed. Town Supervisor Lynn Chatfield, Town Clerk Jessica Freer, Town Justice Roger Misso, and Town Councilmen Adam Ellis Jr. and Dan Youngman.


Two positions are wide open for two Village Trustees. No nominations were received.


Four Towns in Wayne County are running contested races for Town Supervisor - ARCADIA, ROSE, SODUS AND ONTARIO.

Each candidates has been asked to give their reasons for running and why they are the best choice for their Town.



Statement from incumbent Republican/Conservative JON “CHUCK” VERKEY:

I am seeking re-election for Arcadia Town Supervisor and ask for your vote on November 5th. I have kept my promise to you that I would promote growth in our town and maintain a low tax rate. Our board has worked tirelessly on maintaining a strong infrastructure. The growth of our town is a major priority.

As a lifelong resident of our town, I am committed to you and your best interests. Since the time I as first elected, we have added 241 residents to our water districts and have slated an additional 196 more residents in 2020. I continue to negotiate a reasonable contract with the solar project that would benefit our entire town financially. These are just a few of the projects that are ongoing. I continue to make economic development a high priority.

I have spent hundreds of hours participating in County Board of Supervisors’ meetings and continue to Chair the Public Safety Committee. As a member of the county board, our citizens will continue to have a strong voice as to our town’s needs. 1 will continue to listen to your concerns and make decisions based on facts and not rumors. My decisions would continue to be made tor the best interests of all of our citizens and not a select few.

In closing, I would like to thank all of you for your past support and greatly appreciate your vote on November 5th.

Statement from Democrat KELLI KELLEY:

A lifelong resident of Wayne County, I attended high school in Williamson and have lived in Arcadia for nearly 20 years. I currently live on Parker Road with my husband and children.

Our town has many great attributes, but we lack communication and could benefit from improved financial management. Our community needs to have increased and improved accessibility to information with easier opportunities to participate and provide feedback.

To meet the needs of our entire town, I will improve transparency by providing detailed budget information, while monitoring the effectiveness of our spending.

I am a current volunteer within Newark schools, and I was one of four Arcadia residents to launch Newark’s Blessings in a Backpack program in 2015 to address food insecurity among local families with children.

After earning two master’s degrees – in management and administration – from Roberts Wesleyan College, I have spent my career focused on operations, communication and leadership development, as well as financial management.

I will use my education, work experience and commitment to our town to be an approachable and effective town Supervisor and member of the Wayne County Board of Supervisors.


Statement from incumbent Republican FRANK ROBUSTO:

I am running for the future of Ontario, to embrace challenges of creating positive solutions and initiate progressive cost saving measures.

I care about the impact of the tax burden and have shown I can work with the Board to initiate and protect needed services. I want to continue building on the progress I’ve been a part of and to create an environment for economic growth.

I’m proud to be a part of the success of my hometown. The momentum we’ve built needs to be continued; we cannot afford stepping backwards and lose the vision that will bring Ontario forward.

Informed voters know I’m the most qualified. I have proven leadership skills, integrity not to mislead and am transparent in all aspects of the position. Along with the future vision, I’ve worked with the Board to keep the tax rate flat, I’ve been an integral part of the favorable PILOT negotiation with GINNA , LED street lighting, procured grants to rebuild Bear Creek Harbor, awarded grants for our pump station and lakeshore improvements for 2.2 million dollars.

We have a more open government than ever before, utilizing many ways to communicate and keep residents informed. We cannot lose what we’ve gained the last two years. Along with experience and knowledge a supervisor must be able to promote teamwork and communication based on trust and integrity, to look at all sides making informed decisions along with remaining professional at all times. These are traits I value and live by every day.

Statement from Democrat JIM SWITZER:

I have called Ontario home for nearly 70 years! I have served volunteer and leadership roles in our community for 48 years. I am retired. I will provide the full-time effort the job needs and requires.

I believe our town is in a dire state. Accounting records are in shambles. Monthly supervisor/fiscal

officer reports are sporadic. Drainage work is in disarray. Water loss and sewer finances are on life support. Highways lack adequate funds for repair and maintenance. Roadside gutters and storm drains in our subdivisions are beyond their useful life. We need to control spending and get our financial house in order.

We must address the long-term town and County tax loss from Exelon Ginna Power Plant P.I.L.O.T. Approval of stipends for town board spouses and tax auction bids by the supervisor are conflicts of interest. An EEOC workplace grievance was filed against the supervisor. Ontario was absent at 50% of county board meetings.

With 15-plus years attending town board meetings/workshops, I know town issues and finances. I have done the job of town and county supervisor before plus 10 years as an effective & productive town board member. I am the MOST qualified and experienced candidate for Ontario’s town and county supervisor.

Please help me re-set Ontario for the future with your vote on November 5th. Thank you.


Statement from incumbent Democrat KENAN BALDRIDGE:

I am a long time community member who has contributed to the community through 11-1/2 years on the NR-W School Board, 43 years in the fire department as an active member and supporting our NR-W students through the Baldridge Awards for Excellence. I am committed to this community.

I am a professionally trained and experienced public manager with a track record of accomplishment. In my eight years in office we have been keeping up and improving Town buildings and replacing needed highway and water equipment. We have replaced the older snow plows, front-end loader, tractors and mowers to bring down the average age of the fleet. We are rebuilding the 68 year old water system and improving community emergency preparedness for turbulent weather. We have installed full capacity emergency generators on all critical facilities. We are enforcing the cleanup and grass laws fairly, equally, but aggressively.

All this has been done with fiscal responsibility that includes holding the line on taxes. The Town tax rate has not increased in eight years and it won’t increase next year either. I continue to support the nursing home and vote against all tax increases or new taxes. I strive to keep you informed with regular information provided to the public. I am accessible to the public, in public places. You don’t need an appointment to talk with me.

If re-elected, I will continue with these rebuilding efforts while always holding the line on taxes. I ask for your support.

Statement from Republican RICHARD “DIC” LASHER:

I am Richard Lasher and I am running for Rose Supervisor. As your Town Councilman for the past 8 years I have learned a lot about the day-to-day operations. I ran for the Board position because I am not only a concerned resident, but I am deeply committed to my community. I have had 46 years with the Wolcott Fire Dept. (President 20 years); 2 years as President of the Wayne County Firemen’s Association, * 2 years in the NYS Fire Association (Exec. Committee). I am a Past Exalted Ruler of Wolcott Elks, and 3-time Past Commander of Wolcott American Legion. I still work to serve the Veterans as a Trustee of Local VFW. I belong to several other organizations, which shows my commitment to the community.

I have supported the Rose Library and the Rose/North Rose Fire Departments because I believe in their service to my neighbors and friends.

Rose is a small town with a big heart. If elected as your Supervisor, I will work for you. I will listen to you and I will treat everyone with the dignity, respect, and friendship that I want to be treated with.

I have a very positive plan for our Town and I truly feel that Rose deserves better.


Statement from Democrat DAVID ENGLERT

My name is David Englert, and I am your Democratic and Citizens for Progress candidate for Sodus Town Supervisor.

I am in this race for one simple reason: I love Sodus. I love the land. I love the people. I love our history. And I love our heritage.

Everyone I talk to wants Sodus to be better in one way or another. But “better,” by definition means “different.” If we truly want better, then we have to think differently. We have to act differently. We have to do things differently.

I have been the Mayor of the Village of Sodus for three years now, and we have fundamentally changed the way we think, plan, and operate. From drafting our annual budgets, to project planning and implementation, we have been doing things differently. And the improvements are obvious. We are improving our infrastructure, providing desired services, and building community. We are making our Village a better place to live, work, and raise a family. It won’t happen overnight, but we have turned a corner toward a brighter future.

As your next Supervisor, I will bring these fundamental changes to the Town of Sodus, as well. I will put community priorities first, making our Town a shining example of what an Upstate New York community can be. This is the most beautiful place on earth and with a little loving guidance – and a few changes in our actions and attitudes -- it can become the better place we all dream of.

Statement from Republican/ Conservative SCOTT JOHNSON

Dear Fellow Soduskans, I’m running for the position of Sodus Town Supervisor for one simple reason: to do my best to make our hometown a better place to live and a better place for visitors to enjoy.

I believe that I bring the combination of education, experience, and commitment to best serve the people of the Town of Sodus as your supervisor.

I’m a Sodus guy, born here, went to school here, married a local girl and chose to live here to raise my family. I have been involved in numerous local organizations and activities for the last 41 years, from coaching little league to helping raise money for the new elementary playground.

I have served on both the school board and the town board and in both instances, I have experience with budgeting. I also have 34 years of budget experience in business. I have had to deal with numerous state and federal regulatory agencies.

A few of the issues I would like to concentrate on are repealing Plan 2014, code enforcement, small business development, upgrades to Camp Beechwood, embracing the diversity of our community and strengthening those relationships. There are so many wonderful assets here in Sodus that often get overlooked .

I don’t have all the answers, but I’m willing to listen to the people of Sodus to work toward a common goal: to make Sodus a better place in which to live. I would appreciate your vote on November 5th! #SODUSPROUD

Statement from candidate JIM HOYT

My name is James Hoyt and I’m running for the Sodus Town Supervisors position. I’m running first and foremost because I love Sodus and its people. With our beautiful lakes, bays and waterways, to our enriched fruit farms, vegetable crops, and animal farms, hills, light houses, it truly is an amazing place to live, work, and raise a family.

However, it could be even better. There is so much our residents don’t know about. I would like to make Sodus safer regarding crime, roadways, drinking water, EMS services, etc. Our zoning needs to be enforced, keep our taxes in check, repeal 2014 plan (lake levels), consolidate some equipment and services with the 2 villages and work on Camp Beechwood. Most important is building a great relationship between the Town Supervisor and the residents.

I would post a tentative meeting agenda for board members and the town residents too, well in advance of all regular meetings. I am a long-time residents and business owner here in Sodus. I have been in the auction business for over 38 years, on the NYS Board of Directors, 2009 NYS Auctioneer of the year award, inducted in the NYS Auctioneer Hall of Fame (2018). I’ve been a volunteer fire fighter for over 44 years, I was Fire Commissioner, Vice President and Captain over those years. I have employed and managed over 30 employees.

I promise to be dedicated, honest, listen and treat everyone with respect, offer friendly and courteous advice and investigate all issues that affect us.

Thanks so much

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