No way for Donald Loveless to die

Newark Village Police are investigating the death on Tuesday (2/6) of Donald Loveless, age 92, residing at the Armstrong Senior Living located at 790 East Maple Avenue in the Village.

Loveless was found on the sidewalk by a passing motorist, Tracey Hull, on her way to work about 7:30 a.m. He was found about 20 feet from a back door of the facility. “I saw a walker upright and a heap right off the edge of the snow bank. I got out of my car and found him (Loveless) moaning on the ground,” said Tracey. She ran back to her car, grabbed her cell phone to call 911 and found a blanket she used to cover Donald. With the freezing temperatures and blowing wind, Tracey held the blanket down around the man.

Two other women arrived and stacked towels by Loveless. A girl came out of the Armstrong facility and siad a supervisor should be notified, according to Tracey.

Hull said that Loveless had blood on his face and hands. It appeared he had struggled to get up and his fingers were bloodied from scratching to get up, said daughter-in-law, Teresa Loveless.

It is believed Loveless walked out of the facility through a back exit that locked behind him and could not reenter. According to family members, Loveless body temperature was reportedly as low as 70º at one point.

Loveless reportedly had minimal clothing, a pair of dress pants, shirt, no shoes, socks, or coat. He was initially taken to Newark Wayne Hospital before being transferred to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester. Doctors worked on Loveless for hours. He died surrounded by family.

Family members wanted to know why there was no staff on hand from the hours of 3 to 7 a.m. at a senior home that reportedly includes a security system.

In a statement to the Times the Loveless family stated “We do want to inform you that we have been very satisfied with Armstrong…exceptionally clean, staff warm and friendly etc.  Only complaint is there is no staffing from 3 the 6am. I had complained about this around 4 years ago and they said they would provide 24 hours coverage. 6 months later I had stayed with Don overnight and they did have 24 hours coverage. We were never informed when they switched it back otherwise he would have been moved.”

Don worked as an electrician with General Electric for over twenty years and when he wasn’t at work he could be found fixing something at home or lending a hand to a neighbor. Don and his wife, Ann, were known for a door that was “always open” where family, friends and neighbors could stop for a cup of coffee and a conversation. His wife, Ann, died in 2004 and family stated he lived alone at Armstrong for a number of years.

It was not clear if Armstrong provides any type of assisted living. On a website it states services provided include weekly housekeeping, transportation service, a beauty salon, meals, activity program, exercise program and a security system.  Armstrong has another location, Vienna Gardens, in Clifton Springs. Calls to management were not returned.