Walworth woman charged with massive theft from law firm

State Police out of Rochester reported the arrest on Friday (11/17) of Kristi L. Cain,age 50, of 2418 Walworth/ Marion Road in the Town of Walworth for Grand Larceny in the Second Degree.

It is alleged that Cain, working as a paralegal at a law firm, DH Ferguson PLLC in the Town of Perinton, issued checks to herself for bonuses, commissions and assorted reasons.

According to police, Cain, under statue of limitations, can only be charged with the thefts that took place from 2012 to January of 2015. The owner of the firm believes the thefts have added up to $418,000. Cain had worked at the firm from the early 2000s. Cain can only be charged for a total of just over $177,000 for the three year period.

The law firm listed as a general practice law firm dealing mostly in real estate and property dealings, was owned by Dorothy H. Ferguson and has since closed. Cain left the company in 2014, but some of the checks ran into 2015.

The thefts were discovered by Ferguson after the law practice closed. She spotted a questionable check written by Cain. Further reviews of the Company’s finances revealed an ongoing pattern over the five years that could still be prosecuted.

In June of this year State Police became involved that led to Cain’s arrest. She was arraigned in Perinton Town Court and remanded to jail on $5000 cash/$10,000 bond. She had her attorney present who posted the bail and Cain was released.

Except for two tax liens that were paid, Cain has no prior criminal record. She went on to work for several other companies and listed her current employment as a Senior Property Man-ager for HMR Properties,serving at the capacity at the Evergreen Apartments off the Gananda Parkway in Macedon.

  • Barbara Azzano

    She was investigated for theft before when over $20000 disappeared from the Wayne Wrestling Booster club while Kristi was treasurer.

  • Barbara Azzano

    If Wayne Central administrators like Greg Asteff and Renee Garrett hadn’t covered for Mrs. Cain after donations and fundraisers were stolen, Dorothy Ferguson would be $400000 wealthier and a lot of kids could have benefited. Very sad situation!

  • terri teneyck

    Maybe they should go back and reinvestigate from the time she started until the time she left..
    Why would anyone want to cover for her? Cant believe I would ask that question.
    Evergreen hills better look into their finances also. She knows what she is doing and is real good at..Professional…

    • Kathy Freischlag

      Exactly, why would anyone cover for her? The school district didn’t want ‘bad press’ and instead decided to throw her whistleblower under the bus. As a result,a LOT of people, especially kids, suffered for her sins. At the very least, the school district owes an apology to all those who tried to make it right.

  • Terasa Barker

    This thief will continue to get hired……she looks innocent

  • Debby Miller

    Sin always looks worse on other people, she made a huge mistake and certainly there will be serious consequences, I am not joining the angry mob to have her burned at the stake.