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Clyde Savannah Football Team, Section V Champs honored by County Board

The Wayne County Board of Supervisors extended their congratulations to the Clyde-Savannah Golden Eagles Football Team for the honor they have brought to Wayne County through their Section V win.

The Clyde-Savannah High School Football team has become Finger Lakes West Conference Champions and New York State Public School Section V Class D Football Champions with an overall season record of 10 wins and one loss.

Head Coach Nick DerCola and Assistant Coaches Josh Rice, Curtis Sims, Steve Record, Tom Notebaert, Steve Dunn, Dave Paddock and Joe DeAngelis, and players  Austin Diver, Isaiah Lee, Gabe Kubissa, Derrick Chance, Jaydon Rattray, Josh Livingston, Dru Carnevale,  Brandon Baker, Nick Fowler, Ron Mateo, Patrick Marchitell, Camden Chance, Noah Rattray, Zach Goodman, Tanner Brown, Kasey Tompkins, Noah Bastedo, Isaiah Lorenna, Nick Ramos, Nick Reed, Mason Lainhart, Alex Davis, Jabin Rodriquez, Fred Baker, Austin Carr and Hunter Donselaar have made both their school district and community proud by earning these sports achievements.

The Golden Eagles have demonstrated the highest standards of sportsmanship, athletic ability and consolidated team effort throughout the football season to lead them to this Section V title.

The board also congratulations several individuals and their special awards: Nick Ramos: Finger Lakes West Defensive Player of the year, 1st team Finger Lakes west linebacker; 1st team Finger Lakes west center; section V class D defensive player of the year; Derrick Chance: Finger Lakes West Offensive Player of the year; 1st team Finger Lakes West running back, 1st team Finger Lakes West defensive back, 1st team All Greater Rochester, Sectional Final MVP; Dru Carnevale – first team Finger Lakes West quarterback; Jaydon Rattray – 1st team Finger Lakes West wide receiver, and defensive back; Camden Chance – 1st team Finger Lakes West linebacker; Austin Carr – 1st Team Finger Lakes West offensive tackle, Sectional Finals Lineman of the game; Austin Diver – 2nd team Finger Lakes West defensive end; and Nick fowler – sectional finals sportsmanship award.